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    1, This standard customized figurine you choose is about 16-18cm high (7"). Suitable for your own gifts, Bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts ....
    2, We only use fine polymer clay to handmade both head and body, with the color of the clay itself, we never use resin and paints on the figurine, which ensure natural bright color, soft and higher quality.
    3, Standard body + Your face.
    We hand sculpt the head to resemble the photo you provide, You can request to change the color of clothing if needed.
    4, Free proofs, Quick shipping worldwide.
    *If you have more customized requests, please visit our Full customized cake topeprs

    Order process:
    1, Order online and pay.
    2, Please send us clear enough front view photo, side view photo and full body photo, from which we can catch your facial features, hair style and clothing style exactly.

    3, we will send you the early version of the custom your own cake cake topeprs during the process, and make necessary adjustment base on your opinion.
    4, we will complete your custom your own cake cake topeprs before the date you choose when order online, and make delivery to you soon, Usually, you can expect to get it 3-5 days after our delivery.

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